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Feasibility Study – Renewable Energy

C-Squared performed a Feasibility Study to provide an independent and objective review of the various options available to our Client to meet the future power demands of their Buffeljags Bay abalone farm whilst giving consideration to the utility (Eskom) supply capacity constraints. The study required the

  • evaluation and confirmation of farm power requirements over the anticipated development as well as operational life of the plant – including applicable operational load profiles
  • assessing the utility (Eskom) supply capacity constraints, upgrade options as well as related medium to long term risks
  • identifying sensible alternative energy generation options for evaluation based on geographical area and farm load requirements
  • evaluation of each option based on information collected through supplier engagement, reputable databases and information systems, as well as modelling software
  • evaluation and confirmation of key assumptions and constraints
  • comprehensive sensitivity analyses for key variables within the model
  • validation and verification of results through independent software models
  • Four wind related technology options were identified and evaluated (2 x used turbine options & 2 x new turbine options) as well as one solar PV technology option. Five scenarios were identified and evaluated based on the various levels of farm capacity development as well as utility supply capacity constraints

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