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R100M < R500M

I&C; Mechanical


This was a project to replace the obsolete analogue turbine control and protection systems of Koeberg Power Station with a modern, state of the art, digital system. The project included functional improvements to the system and the addition of new field devices to further improve overall reliability of the system. Due to Koeberg’s rapid drive for improved reliability of its operating units, the project was scheduled for implementation in two phases over two consecutive refuelling outages on both units.

These phases were:

Phase 1 – Replacing the obsolete equipment with new, modern equipment, but retaining the previous system functionality and human machine interface in the main control rooms. This allowed the failing equipment to be replaced with more reliable and available equipment whilst minimising the impact on the plant simulator and operator training which were not feasible to complete for a full upgrade prior to implementation.
Phase 2 – Implementing the functional improvements with associated additional field devices and associated interface to the new plant data processing computing system which provided the human machine interface in the control rooms. This phase completed the upgrade by means of improving the functionality, generally from a 1oo2 to a 2oo3 logic for further improvement of the system reliability. This phase also included a mechanical hydraulic upgrade to the servo motors of all the turbine governing and control valves.


Project and Contract Management, Project Management Office Support (Planning, Cost-, Value- and Risk Engineering, Configuration and Information Management, Financial Controls, Office Administration and Communications)

Reasons for Complexity

Digital technology.
Extremely challenging timeline associated with implementation of Phase 1 (11 months from contract placement to implementation). Various technical interfaces to be managed throughout the project (Plant Data Processing Computer Replacement Project as well as Plant Simulator Upgrade Project).
Organisational changes required to gear up for new technologies (maintenance organisation, processes and procedures).

Points of Interest

The project ERA was approved in March 2008 and the contract was placed in May 2008. The first unit implementation (Phase 1) started in January 2009 and the unit was successfully synchronised in April 2009 with only a 6hr project delay on the outage critical path.
No on-line, project related, turbine trips occurred during the life cycle of the project.
The project was implemented as planned, with no further delays to outage critical paths and within the approved (revision 0) budget.

Phases 1 and 2 of the project have been successfully completed on both Koeberg units.

Despite challenging timelines, the project has been completed on time and within its original budget approved at the start of the execution phase.

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