We plan, manage, analyse and take action. We administer and communicate using the experience, skills, systems and processes within our organisation which consists of professionally registered project and contract managers, cost engineers/quantity surveyors, project planners, risk analysts, quality representatives and various administration and logistics staff.

Our key offerings emanate from the following core services which will be further customised in accordance with the specific needs of the customer.

Project and Contract Management

Project management entails taking responsibility of the overall project and ensuring that its objectives are clearly defined and agreed and then achieved during the lifecycle of the project. Progress and performance are continuously monitored throughout the project with risks and issues identified and associated preventive and/or recovery plans established and expedited. Contracts are established in line with overall project objectives and the contracts are managed strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

Construction Management

Construction management involves assuming the leadership role on the project team in delivering the construction deliverables within the agreed upon plans, specifications, and budgets. The Construction Manager, acting as an agent for the owner and the architect/engineer, is the liaison and coordinator for all activity involving the construction of the project. Services provided during the construction phase include providing on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination. The scheduling and conducting of all job site and construction meetings with the development and management of the construction schedules, it also includes the establishment of management systems for correction of any deficient work by the appropriate contractor. Maintaining cost accounting and cost control records and monitoring adherence to all safety, quality and environmental programs with the coordination of all these requirements.

Project Planning

Project planning includes the development of detailed and realistic project schedules for each project and the subsequent maintenance, monitoring and control of the schedule during the project. Project schedules are resourced to the required level of detail to support with resource planning and associated project cost estimates (for resource). Contractor/supplier schedules are reviewed for compliance to contractual requirements and meeting project/contract objectives and integrated into the project (master) schedule.

Cost, Value and Risk Engineering

Cost, Value and Risk Engineering includes the development of project and contract cost estimates and the development of project budgets and lifecycle costing models. Risk and sensitivity analyses are performed and associated probabilities of success (time and cost) determined through the use of specific risk modelling software. Areas of project and contractor performance are continuously reviewed and reported by means of Earned Value Analyses. Claims issued by contractors are reviewed in terms of claim validity and value (quantum).

Project Administration

Effective project administration greatly reduces the administrative load on the rest of the project team and ensures that all members of the project team can focus 100% on their core areas of expertise, without too many administrative distractions. Project administration includes the planning and management of logistics associated with site access, scheduling of meetings, tracking and control of communications to name a few.

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